Monday, August 26, 2013

//Fifteen Months//

My kids are fifteen months apart.  FIFTEEN MONTHS.  This means I got pregnant with Asher when Elliot was a mere 6 months.  I remember suspecting I was pregnant, but putting it off because I could not believe it.  If that was possible, well, then life was going to get seriously crazy.  Elliot was a honeymoon baby and to add another surprise baby to the mix?  How would we survive?!  I remember finally getting the courage to take the test and seeing the clear as day "yup you're f*#@ing pregnant." I slipped into bed and told Jimmy.  I think I laughed, but then I may have cried. I was absolutely thrilled, but I was also terrified.  We were homeless and living in my in laws house.  I couldn't understand why this was happening, but I definitely understood how. 

So, yes, I have two kids 15 months apart.  I know quite a few parents with kids 18 months apart, but 15 just sounds so much worse, doesn't it?  But it's all I know.  I don't know what it's like to wait and plan.  When Asher was born, Elliot ran circles around the hospital room and then ran into a door.  He had a huge, bleeding scratch on his face because he was only fifteen months old! He had no idea that this was his brother.  or what a brother really is.  12 months later and he gets it, though.  His brother is his best friend.  12 months later and I am just starting to get it.  I'm finally starting to feel comfortable and not like my life is falling apart.  Today, as I watch them give endless kisses and as I listen to them chatting away, I am reminded that I am witnessing something beautiful.  At this stage, as they are both now toddlers, I see them become more like twins.  Especially with Elliot's speech delay.  Asher is a mess at bedtime, yet surprisingly enough it's not the boob that comforts him the most, but the fact that his brother climbs into bed with him and decides to fall asleep there.  

It's not bad to have kids so close together.  Sometimes, it's okay to not have everything planned out and to receive beautiful blessings in the form of surprises.  I don't realize the strength I have, taking care of these two rambunctious, always on the go toddlers.  I would never have the chance to realize if it wasn't for these two beautiful surprises.  


  1. Lovely. They are so sweet!

  2. I have friends that have two that are 15 months apart. They have a boy and a girl. They tell us how hard it was and how crazy it seemed from the time they were pregnant with their 2nd and they feel like it took a long time for things to calm down after that. But now, their children are 7 and 8 and they get along so well. They're best friends also and always keep each other occupied. It sounds like it will be similar for your boys.



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