Saturday, August 31, 2013

//August Nights//

I know I've mentioned it a bit, but we live in a really tiny space.  Santa Cruz is ridiculously expensive and we are pretty broke, so we chose to live in these beach shacks that a local church rents cheaply.  There are pros and cons.  The cons are obvious- they are so poorly taken care of and since we are given cheap rent, we are expected to keep up with all maintenance.  Lovely, except if we had that extra money we would just be living in a larger, nicer place.  So, we have just accepted our little beach shack for what it is.  There are some pretty amazing pros to where we live though.  We are about a 5 minute walk from one of the prettiest beaches in the country.  Seriously, I can't believe it sometimes.  There are other families that live on our private drive and other kids for Elliot to hang with.  Our neighbors have chickens!

Jimmy works a lot and even though I am usually too exhausted to attempt big outings without him, I am able to bring the kids outside and have them play on the church grounds.  (it's mainly a retreat center, so it's a little better feel than if it was just a church)  So, we usually walk outside and Elliot runs to the building across the way and swings on the stairs and then he will climb the redwood that's in our front yard.  After that, we make our way down the hill to say "hi" to the chickens and then, from there we play on the basketball court a little.  There are these huge rickety stairs that lead back up the hill and Elliot enjoys running up and down the hill instead of using these stairs.  Asher loves climbing up them though!  There is a huge patch of beautiful wildflowers next to the stairs and I love when they are in bloom!

I think that when it gets hard, we just need to trust these moments when things feel okay.  When I watch our sons play together.  When our neighbor's son pokes his head out the window and says "hi, can Elliot play?"  When I see Asher follow Elliot- loving his big brother and trusting him.  These are beautiful moments that help me flow in positivity and light.

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