Tuesday, July 16, 2013

//What Mama Reads, What Baby Reads//

I am so thrilled to have Jill of Goodnight Mush on the blog today.  She is sharing her favorite books and her daughters, Lucy and Mila's favorite reads. (seriously, how adorable are they?!)  Jill is a fellow Sling Diarist and I always look forward to her blog posts and incredible entries.  So, make sure you check out her blog and follow along with The Sling Diaries.  (She just posted her latest entry yesterday!) <3

Hi I'm Jill and I'm so honored to get to share a little about our favorite books for Danielle's readers. I love her blog so much and am so glad the Sling Diaries have introduced us to each other. 

3 years ago I was lucky enough to get a massive lot of vintage books for just $5. All children's. and all from pre-1965. The illustrations were all so charming and sweet. And the stories varied from funny to somewhat shocking. But all controversies aside, these delightful books are our favorites. Mila's personal favorite is one called Somebody Hides. Its set up much like Brown Bear, Brown Bear, where each page is a clue to what animal is lurking behind the next page. Mila particularly likes this aspect because I often then make the sound the animal makes. She's at the age where quacking is hilarious and mommy acting like a chicken is straight thrilling.
These day I find myself reading Vanity Fair if I have a moment to myself. Or People Magazine (who am I kidding, I read US weekly okay?!) But if we were playing desert island and I had just one book to bring with me it would be She's Come Undone by Wally Lamb. My mom lent it to me when I was 11 or 12, and as a chubby pre-teen I immediately took it as a personal insult. The main character is a girl fueled by junk food and consumed by mid century television programs. But now I know that my mom is a sap like me. And she loves a book that makes her cry. As do I. She has also gotten me to read White Oleander, My Sister's Keeper and Little Alters Everywhere. All she read and shared with me before they were turned into lame movies. The stories themselves are all beautifully sad and leave you perfectly bummed out.

Check out your local used bookstore and thrift store (garage sales too!) for vintage children's books!  There is something so fascinating about the illustrations and dated story lines. :)  I love vintage children's books as well!  Also, you can find her other selections here:

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