Tuesday, July 2, 2013

//Slings Save The Day//


Lately, Asher has been obsessed with the sling.  This feels like a huge parenting win and I have to admit: sometimes I show it to him just to see his face light up!  (don't worry, I won't tease him.  I put him in if I show it to him!)  Not only has he been wanting to be held extra, but his desire to nurse has stepped up as well! Stepped up as in all the time.  Babywearing has literally saved the day, every day.  Both of my kids demand a lot of my attention in different ways.  (Elliot with his knack at doing everything I don't want him to do and Asher because he's a big ol' cuddle bug and he will whine until I pick him up.  Except at the beach.  There he just wants to shovel sand into his mouth and try and make his own seaweed salad.)  So, tonight I thought I would make two short videos that catch a glimpse into my baby wearing life.  <3 enjoy mu awkwardness (yes, seriously) and Asher's adorable, content demeanor.  <3

okay, and now I am really excited to announce that I....... 

successfully managed a back carry in the sling! I was inspired by Michelle of Dancey Pants Disco.  She has it mastered!


  1. It looks so good! How did it feel?

    1. it felt so good! I think it's because Asher felt very comfortable. The last time I tried he was tired and alittle squirmy. But this time he was so calm. I'm so glad I did it and felt confident because it's great for getting things done around the house! <3



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