Saturday, July 6, 2013

//Real Life//

I love taking pictures of my children.  (obviously.)  A lot of people (outside of the social media world) love to laugh about how I fill up their feeds and say funny things like "Wait, did you post a picture today?"  A while back I posted a status about how important it is for some mothers to have a creative outlet.  (especially stay at home moms, but really any mom.)  You get to connect to hundreds of other Mommas in a world where the value of community has seriously fallen short.  Community is incredibly important for mothers and we can all benefit with connection- seeing that other mothers go through the same thing we do.  Hearing other moms complement our children and comment on their cute outfits, even.  It may seem so unimportant and it's seriously not just to feel "cool" but to feel connected, as I said before.

However, I thought of something the other day.  Maybe it was during Elliot's millionth tantrum of the day or during the time he refused to listen to me and then Asher stuck his hand in my coffee because I was trying to keep Elliot from running out the front door.  Or maybe it was during Asher's nap refusal and his relentless pursuit of Elliot's food.  Whenever it was, it doesn't really matter.  But I thought of if I were to meet any of my blogger mama friends would they think "oh, that's not how I pictured them from their instagram feeds?  I know that we all know there is always going to be a slight false sense of reality because we don't take a lot of pictures of the "bad" moments.  Sometimes we do, but more often we don't.  So, I thought I should be a little more open here.  On my blog.  I have decided to protect my kids as well.  I don't want them knowing I wrote about every wrong thing they did or how they stressed me out when they get older, because the truth is that it's not really important in the long run.  We remember that we loved them.  Loved them a lot.  I hope this makes sense.

While my kids are incredibly joyful (they have always been super smiley and happy boys) they can be very exhausting.  Elliot never stops moving, except to sleep.  That's a literal statement  He doesn't talk so he throws a lot of tantrums and is very strong willed.  I have to constantly distract him because he wants to do what he wants to do.  Like to a scary level.  But he also is kind-hearted and loves to say hi to everyone he meets.  I call him the mayor.  Ash is a sensitive soul, but is also on the move all the time.  He puts everything in his mouth.  especially crayons.  He has an addiction.  ;) But he is sweet and can be cuddly and it makes my heart so happy.

Well, if you can relate-let me know.  Do you ever feel like you need a little more balance with your online persona?  haha- but seriously, balance can be good for us.  <3

And just because of this topic:



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