Monday, July 1, 2013

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Lately, I've been thinking a lot about our talents and what we do with them.  As I stepped into the blogging world, I thought: What can I offer?  How can I share pieces of my life, in the hopes that it can help?  My first thought, of course, was motherhood.  It's pretty all consuming, as we all know, and it can feel a tad secluded if you do not have other mothers around.  So, this whole blogging "mommy" world helps erase the feeling of seclusion, and shows we are all more united than we think.  

Now, my husband and I are a pretty good team.  We truly are best friends and are together a lot. ;)  We have worked on a cafe together when he was the manager and it was around that time we realized we definitely wanted to get married.  We figured if we could work this well together now, we might as well just keep it going!  

I can't help but share what I love about him.  And one of those things is his music!  He has such an unique voice and quite honestly, has not been able to sing that much lately.  So, I thought I'd encourage him with a blog post of some of his videos.  (the third video down was written for our wedding.  a total surprise!) I'd love to share some of Jimmy's talents here on the blog as well.  

These last two are videos Jimmy has made for our friend, Benjamin Dunn.  He is an incredible singer/songwriter and it's been a honor to have Jimmy work with him.  Jimmy will be making more videos with him, so i'll post them here when they are finished.

Lastly, when Asher was about 6 months Jimmy made a babywearing/ sakura bloom video for me.  It's absolutely breathtaking and almost finished.  I cannot wait to post that as well! <3

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  1. Fantastic videos, Jimmy! Zak and I work super well together too. He comes up with some of the most amazing ideas that he isn't able to execute the way he'd like, which is where I step in. We both work on all of my art brainstorming and I love it! We collaborate constantly and we work really well together in general. Love relationships like that!



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