Saturday, July 13, 2013

//Joyful Walks//

Remember  talked about "real life" a few weeks ago (or maybe that was only a week ago?)  Well, I said I would have some more balance in how I represented myself.  This past week has been pretty rough- Elliot has been incredibly testy and Asher has been needing me non-stop.  Both would be easy to figure out, except when they are both occurring at the same time.  (my sling has saved the day yet again this week!) I've been missing my joyful Elliot and have been wondering if I don't spend enough alone time with him. Maybe he is acting out?  I'm still thinking about all these things.  But tonight- tonight restored any hope that had been hard to find.  My joyful Elliot was out on display!  We took two walks to the point today and both times he was bouncing with joy!  He was absolutely full of smiles and wondrous curiosity! All pictures except the first one were taken by my love, JimmyAceino.  

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  1. Life is all about balance, even when we don't want it. I forget this so often. Marlo will have a rough week and then, BAM!, out of nowhere, she is just this little shining star who makes my heart explode. And in all honesty, I don't know if I would appreciate those moments quite as much if I didn't have the rough ones to compare them to. xoxo.



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