Monday, July 29, 2013


This post may be a bit personal and it may be a bit of a rant, so I apologize in advance.  But it's early, no one else is awake and I tend to be "way too open" anyway.  Which leads to- when did it become a bad thing to be open and a good thing to keep things hidden?  I  have some experience with the church culture, to say the least and seriously, things would be way less effed up if it wasn't so cool to "keep things hidden."  Way less hatred and ignorance.  We'd realize we are all the same, made from the same dust.  People who are "different" than us are not really different, we are all the same.  I promise.  We just deal with the same things in different ways, but when we keep our struggles hidden, the things that make us human- we perpetuate this myth that the next person has it better than us.  They have a better life when really, we all deal with the same shit and it's our willingness to communicate this that joins us, rather than separates.

We have been visiting New Jersey for the past two weeks.  It's where we grew up and oh so different from our current location, California.  It's interesting being back.  It's so fast-paced and aggressive.  Our driving adventures have left us with PTSD.  People are racing around us, cutting us off and nearly backing into us. It's funny to see how our intensity has died down living in CA, but it's still there.  It's still apart of us and yet, I think living in CA has made us feel like that's a bad thing because people there don't really understand it.  It's not a stereotype, there is seriously a laid-back vibe, even among those with passion and drive.  My husband tends to be a little more intense than me, but we both love being open with people.  We love sharing our story and hearing others tell us theirs.  We feel connected when we share, whether it's our time, our story or our food.  I'm so ready for this part of us to be used for our good, rather than seeing it misunderstood.  I know this post is so different than my usual photography of children laughing, but I did post about how I wanted to be more real and I think it's time to do that.

What do you all think?  I think blogging is so essential for moms because when moms don't meet a single other parent with similar struggles it makes them feel alone and defeated.  I know from experience.

Finally, even though this post was not just pictures of happy children, I'll still leave you with a cute picture of all the cousins together. :)


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    1. thank you lady! I love all your "honest" posts because I can relate, for sure! :)

  2. you know what i feel about this. :) way to be honest & real. i'm for it. then again, i'm from nj and am jimmy's sibling so...of course i am. HAHA!
    it IS a good thing that you're open. it IS a good thing to be honest in a loving way. it ISN'T good to hide all your feelings and who you are. that's why God made us all different- to be who we were meant to be. end rant. needless to say, i agree.
    OH and i adore that picture of our kids. jane's face! HA!

    1. <3 yay! Love this, because you understand. :) haha.

  3. I just recently started reading your blog. I found it through sling diaries. This is a great post. Honesty and sharing experiences is where it's at. Not every experience is a picture of happiness.

    1. thank you for commenting and reading! <3



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