Tuesday, July 23, 2013

//Childhood Memories//

About a mile from the house where I grew up is a short road.  It loops as a small circle, only about a quarter of a mile.  It's almost as if it was frozen in time, with it's old general store and dated houses.  It's beautiful and I grew up there.  Well, my house wasn't there, but my church was and the river I fished in was there.  It's my childhood home.  Where I fished, made friends and it's where I have the most memories of my brother and I.  How appropriate, since my little brother just got married!  My brother and I would take a few quarters from my parents, and while they were still socializing after church, we would walk to the flea market and look for treasures.  old baseball cards, toys, books, whatever we could find!  Then, we'd swim in the river or fish.  I loved fishing when I was a child and even had those unattractive weighted hip boots so I could wade deep into the water.  I miss those days, but that's the great thing about parenthood- you can relieve those moments through your kids.  They make their own and so will their kids.

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