Sunday, June 23, 2013

//Swimming Hole//

These moments are dear to us.  They are our dear friends and believe it or not, Nova may be Elliot's first crush.  He is a rough boy, yet he tenderly brushes the hair from her face and gives her kisses.  They are moving to Portland, OR soon, so we spent some time with them before they leave.  I'm glad I had my camera around to capture this afternoon.


  1. I love it! We have a family lake house we go to with tree swing and I'm loving how all the neices and newphews (and my kids) already love it and are creating memories.

    BTW my "Bay Area Young Mom's Club" that I am apart of of was talking about visiting Santa Cruz sometime this summer. We should totally meet up and hang out!

    1. I would love that! Let me know when you are heading down here. And a family lake house sounds amazing! <3



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