Saturday, June 15, 2013


This is a special Sling Diary entry on Imagination.  It's for Father's Day and is a guest post written by my wonderful husband Jimmy. 

As an adult I discovered the unparalleled potential for imaginative deep-sea exploration through a simple narrative. I had neither the attention or the desire to spend any time reading when I was a child. I remember discovering it in my early twenties and the sheer explosive joy of engaging with a story and unlocking my imagination. I was tempted to manufacture some sense of regret over the "lost years" where i could care less about reading anything, but I knew intuitively that I had engaged with imagination all along. Though the title of "space cadet" and "dreamer" had and have been tossed at me carelessly through my life, I always knew what was really going on. It was simple really. I loved feeling small. I loved feeling big. I loved the universe and the sum of its parts. I loved the endless universe of my own mind. And consequently I could spend hours in that playground of fine detail and fireworks. My imagination wasn't something I employed as a child. My imagination employed me. I lived there. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. 

As I raise my boys, and whomever else may join our family in the years to come, I long to be the happy slave driver of imagination. I cannot miss this opportunity and take my responsibility with the utmost sobriety. Imagination will not be tempered. It will be encouraged. It is with our imaginations that we know our surroundings, know ourselves, and see the mystery and the joy and the sacred-bliss of those around us. From friends to lovers, from the disabled to the distinguished. My boys will embrace it all, and love all, because they lived in their imagination with their dad at their side. Fairy tales and fair weather. Goofiness and gloominess. All aspects of their unfolding world will be magic to them and it will be a wonder to me.  

Jimmy is wearing simple linen sling in canyon by Sakura Bloom.  All pictures were taken at our wonderful, little library down the road from our house.  


  1. Look at all your handsome boys, Danielle! You have such a gorgeous family.

    1. thank you, Jill! My boys sure know how to pose! Must be all those pictures I take! ;)

  2. "My imagination employed me."

    Wow, I love this line. Reminds me a bit of what the linguist, Charles Peirce said about thought: "Thought thinks in us rather than we in it." Really makes you wonder.

    Lovely photos and happy father's day!

  3. Extremely thought provoking. I loved it. I remembering wishing OZ was really real. This reminded me of that. Great job.



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