Thursday, June 13, 2013

//On My Shelf//

The Red Tent byAnita Diamant is one of my favorites.  It was given to me by a friend.  It was right after I had Elliot and he was easy and sleepy.  Jimmy had to go back to work soon after and I was at home.  A lot.  So, I comforted myself with books in between the snuggly newborn times.  Actually, he was probably sleeping on me for most of the time I read this book.  So, not only do I love this book for it's literary artistry, but it reminds me of those few times my active baby let me cuddle him. ;)

The fact that I read this book right after giving birth was extremely significant.  I had just come away from one of the most important events of my life- where I felt powerful and I was high on this vision of new life.  For the first time, I truly felt I understood my own ability to keep on, even after feeling as if I could do no more.  I saw the value of the other women in my life, as they had been there before and this great circle of life was really this wonderful opportunity for women to support each other.  value each other.  empower each other.  

I'm purposefully not going to say a lot about this book.  I did not know a lot before I read it, and I feel like that added to the experience.  I've reread it a couple of times and it's just perfect every time.

"In the ruddy shade of the red tent, the menstrual tent, they ran their fingers through my curls, repeating the escapades of their youths, the sagas of their childbirths.  Their stories were like offerings of hope and strength poured out before the Queen of Heaven, only these gifts were not for any god or goddess-but for me." 
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