Friday, June 21, 2013


Today, I let Asher join the big boys.  He always wants to and if I'm not careful he will crawl right out the front door.  But I was not confident enough in his walking yet and I just did not want him crawling all over our road.  (It's a private road, so only a few neighbors drive through.)  But he's been walking so well and I knew he wanted to join Elliot and his friend, Rowan.  So, I got my camera and snapped a few photos of my baby.  He's definitely more like a toddler though and that is fueling my totally ridiculous and crazy baby fever.  My kids grow up too quickly!

Also, Asher does not fit into any of Elliot's old shoes yet.  So, he gets to wear these slippers for a little while. I think he looks so adorable in them!

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