Saturday, June 8, 2013

//Elliot's Birth Story//

Jimmy and I were married on July, 31, 2010.  Elliot's story begins shortly after that.  After our wedding, we decided to begin a three week honeymoon, journeying across the country and then back again.  Secretly, or not so secretly, we were looking for a place to live.  But that's a whole other story.

After our honeymoon, we were packing because we decided to move from New Jersey to California.  We settled on Santa Cruz, CA.  Before we finished packing I began to feel strange.  Of course I could not be pregnant.  (But seriously- why not?  A three week honeymoon?!?)  Long story short, I was pregnant.  I had a fairly easy pregnancy, even with moving across the country.  I mean, obviously, literally across the country.  My due date was May 5.  Of course, that date came and went.  Before that I was convinced he would come early, although I think that's normal.  I think all moms think their babies will come early, although most know that probably won't be the case.

At 213 in the morning on May 7, I woke up with some cramps.  At first I thought I had an upset stomach.  But then- out of nowhere they were intense and regular.  I just knew: this was it.  Elliot was on his way.  It was so surreal.  He was my first and I knew there was no going back.  A huge change was about to take place.  After this, I would never again be ignorant of truly knowing the bond of motherhood.  I was about to gaze upon the face of my little love, his eyes opening for the first time.  His cries entering the world, strong and present.

Jimmy called the birthing center and they told him it would probably be a while.  However, as I timed my contractions I realized they were about 4 minutes apart.  About forty minutes later they were at 2.5 minutes.  We rushed to the hospital and checked in at around 5 am.  My contractions were strong and constant, however I did not feel that they were more than I could handle.  I labored silently, supported by my wonderful husband.  He was incredibly supportive, doing anything I asked of him and more.  I remember his anticipation was obvious, and I could see it so clearly on his face.  He had dreamed of this moment too.  When he was in kindergarden and had to dress up as his future occupation and he chose a dad.  I always thought this story was so beautiful and innocent.  I related to it because I , too, thought of being a mother at a young age.

The birthing center had these huge jacuzzi tubs.  And when I say huge, I mean way bigger than a hot tub.  Think mini-pools. They asked if I would like to labor in the water for a little and I quickly said yes!  I had taken a quick shower before we had left and it had helped so much!  On my way to the tub I felt the strangest sensation and when I looked down I realized my water had broken.  That squashed the tub and I was quickly put back on the bed for a dilation check.  (the water was colored, which is the dreaded meconium entering the amniotic fluid.)  I was fully dilated and ready to push!  At one point, during the pushing, I did yell a little and with all of the excitement I quickly said, "sorry!"  The nurses teased me about that after. ;) I could not believe it I was ready to go and with 45 minutes of pushing out came my beautiful Elliot!  Jimmy was able to pull him out and I still remember the look of pure joy on his face- literally, the sweetest thing I have ever seen! Jimmy told me what he remembered most: that my arms were outstretched, even while pushing, just ready to hold my son for the first time.

I have these moments captured, because one of the nurses was also a photographer.  She used our DSLR to take a lot of pictures, but I've never posted them because well, I am completely naked. However, maybe I will put together a post of some of the better ones- birth really is so beautiful and raw.  The looks on our faces can never be copied.  They were there and then gone, only to be remembered with the sweetest thoughts.

It was such a dreamy time- I felt the much needed pregnancy high.  I was full of energy and one of my closest friends arrived only a few moments after his birth and was able to experience my first attempt at breastfeeding.  Everyone thought he would be a little Jimmy because the Aceino/Vavala genes are so strong and instead, he came out looking like my father!  It was uncanny.

And then, I leave you with my favorite infant photo of Elliot.  His personality shines through.  PEACE!

The first night Elliot was rushed to their NICU- although, since it was a birthing center it wasn't really a NICU.  It was just a place where babies who needed some extra help were held.  He was breathing rapidly- over 130 breaths a minute!  He was making this strange noise and after checking his blood it was determined he had an infection.  They never found out what it was and instead knocked it out with some antibiotics.  But that story is for another day.  His birth was still perfect and I am still so in love with my Elli-pants.

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  1. TEARS!!!!!! so many tears Danielle. I loved this. You are amazing. Also, Elliot looks exactly the same! haha. Lucy was the same way. She was just born looking like Lucy.

    1. Aw- thank you, friend! I'm SO happy you liked it! And it's so funny you said that- because I JUST have been able to see how newborn Elliot looks exactly like Elliot now! I have NO idea how I didn't see it earlier! I thought he changed so much, but he CLEARLY looks the same! :) xoxo

  2. Such a beautiful story. You are shining in your picture... and Elliot looks so precious. I love his deep blue eyes.

  3. Aw, mama. You and your man were designed to be parents. This makes my heart melt. You are such a beautiful mother and I'm so happy to have met you (via internet, that counts right?!)

    1. Thank you! and yes, it totally counts!



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