Monday, May 6, 2013

Sling Diaries, Vol. III: Inspiration

//Beauty is whatever gives joy.//
Edna St. Vincent Millary



It's easy to feel inspired where we live.  It's as easy as a step out our door,  our short walk to the ocean, and breathing in its misty air.  The sun shines and a heavenly symphony of birds fill the air.  I will never complain.  Gratitude and enjoyment fill me constantly.

As beautiful as my home is, nothing is quite as inspiring as seeing my children enjoy where they live. Between each snap of the shutter tells the truest story:

Elliot picks up a few rocks.  Mere rocks to me, little pebbles.  They are small and insignificant, yet my son eagerly brings them to me.  He shows me proudly.  Then, with all of his young strength, he tosses them into the air.  They rain down like confetti and he squeals.  My sweet Asher copies him.  My youngest reaches out.  I do not know what he reaches for, but I do know his vision is full.  His experiences are full of beauty.  Our life is full of beauty.

Elliot runs to the fence, which overlooks the ocean and points - he points to forever as the endless sea looms before us like a never-ending story spilling out upon the shore.  It's words are the words of pearls and whales.  Foam-filled waves and infinite grains of sand.  Kelp and sunlight. As Asher gazes too, he is calmed by sounds of the sea and gently places his head upon my chest.  He curls his arms under him and smiles burying his face on my chest.

Whether we spend our time by the ocean or under the trees, it's not only the intensity of the beauty swallowing us that inspires me.  But my son's extraordinary ability to find beauty in anything and everyone.  It's how content they are to simply spend their time outdoors.  It's how satisfied they are to just be held.  They are full of life, and it is so often that through them the world is opened to me.

I am wearing the simple silk baby slink in amber

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  1. Asher touching the flowers and the one of you two looking at each other- LOVE. Beautiful post, mama. It makes me want to wear Odin and go for a walk (but he's napping, so we'll wait)!

    1. Thank you, my friend! It's my absolute favorite thing about baby wearing-when they look up at you and smile! Seriously, it melts my heart!

  2. Very beautiful.

  3. this is just gorgeous <3 you are so beautiful and so are your babies!! your words make my heart sing. x

  4. How beautiful you and your sons are, as well as is the scenery! beautiful pictures!

  5. kids are just incredible little fountains of life aren't they?? how sweet to get to experience life afresh with them by your side :)

  6. Such beautiful images and words! Wishing you a gorgeous week : x



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