Sunday, May 12, 2013

//Momma's Day Tribute//

It's Mother's Day.

I realize I am in a different season.  I am surrounded by Mothers.  I know so many and yet I realize this change was so subtle.  Once motherhood was so foreign to me, for I was still a baby.  And now, I am so familiar with it.  It is my every day.  It has fastened itself onto my identity and as each new day arrives I awake with the genuine smiles of a baby and the rambunctious energy of a toddler.  This post is all about mothers I admire.  Although I find Mother's Day to be a bit corny in the commercial sense, I believe women, in this case mothers, deserve constant recognition.

First, I would like to acknowledge my mother.  She is strong and has taught me to be strong.  While our personalities can be polar opposite, she has continued to be a constant source of comfort and encouragement.  She is reliable.  She spoils me.  Without her, I would not have met my husband.  (My mom went back to school and my husband was in her class.  I met my husband through my mom!  Seriously!)  I love you Mom!

Now,  I'd love to do a little tribute to all the Momma bloggers I know. They have inspired me with beautiful photos and honest words.  Please, check out their blogs!  

Michelle of Dancey Pants Bebe is one amazing Momma!  She is an amazing artist and you all should check out her art at Dancey Pants Disco

Jill of Goodnight Mush has a wonderful blog full of real mom honesty, beautiful pictures and her style is amazing.  

Christine of the c-word is an incredible writer.  I recently discovered her blog and find her posts to be the perfect mix of thoughtful and hilarious.  :)  

Angelica of Thunder Clouds of Love has such a dreamy blog.  Beautifully poetic and enchanting photos of her little girl.

And last but not least, I want to share these great baby/toddler clothing brands.  These women are not only wonderful moms but so creative as well!  I mean- how fun are these leggings/t-shirts/onesies?!

Melany started MasonAndTheTambourine
Maryam of Milkfriendly started Of One Sea
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  1. So sweet of you to say! Huge compliment! Hope you have enjoyed your day!!



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