Monday, May 13, 2013

//A Monday Afternoon//

The days are so beautiful.  The weather is so kind to us, as nature has undoubtedly outdone herself.  We went to the beach on a whim yesterday and did not bring any toys, towels or extra clothes.  So, today we planned ahead.  What a notion!  

These pictures speak of happy faces and enjoyable times, yet there is a story behind the pictures.  Elliot, my adventurous lad, was off discovering the unknown and happened upon an old fire.  It was out, yet still hot.  A bonfire from the night before.  He now has blisters all over his feet and my Momma heart was broken.  I wish I had seen it or was paying better attention.  My poor independent toddler clung to me and Jimmy tightly and cried for a while.  My husband is at Urgent Care with him at the moment and I am praying for good news!  (no severe burns)

Well, here is the happier part of our day!

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  1. Oh those squidgy legs! Such beautiful images of what looks like a perfect day. Hope your week is lovely :) x

  2. thank you dear! I am about to head over to your blog to check out your Sling Diaries. I'm excited. :)



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