Tuesday, April 23, 2013

//Tide Pools//

"the immoveable solitude, brimming with lives.
It is Time perhaps, or the vessel filled
with all motion, pure Oneness,
that death cannot touch, the visceral green
of consuming totality." (PABLO NERUDA "THE WIDE OCEAN")

Boys.  I cannot believe I have two of them.  Well, actually three if you count my husband. ;)

I heard a saying once and I could not agree with it more. 

"With boys, if you can just keep them alive, then you have succeeded." 

Sounds kind of harsh, but I see what she had meant!  I see it when I watch my 23 month old fearlessly climb to the top of the largest slide and decide he'd rather slide down head-first,  When he jumps off the highest step.  When he falls into the ocean because he didn't realize that tide-pool was not as shallow as the others.  

Yes.  That one happened yesterday.  The picture above is after the fact.  He is drenched and that sweater!  It was not as big before- it literally grew three sizes from the weight of all the water!  Thank God one of the clothes items he was wearing were waterproof.  The boots!  

Curious child.  He had seen something unknown.  He stretched his arm towards the sandy ground, submerged it within the chilly water.  And as he glimpsed he fell.  There was a moment of terror- as the uncertain fate loomed before him.  He could not lift himself up!  I'm sure he felt as if the ocean floor would swallow him.  Yet, those few seconds were interrupted by my grip as I lifted him from the water and placed him upon the shore.  Within seconds (though after many hugs) he headed towards the tide pools once again.  

This child: as he challenges his limits with ease, I see the confidence that was meant for us all.  I see confidence as the instinct with which we were born.  Purposeful and resourceful, it gives us our identity.  We realize we were meant for impossibilities and truly, dreams are not for those who are out of touch, but for all.  We all have hidden dreams, immersed in water.  The glassy ocean water has kept them, but they are visible.  I'd like to remember that my confidence was once like a child's and it is never my job to take that away from my children, but instead I nurture it.  I copy it.  And show them they are good.  

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  1. boys will be boys, and how! what a fun memory for your son.. especially love that after he got some mama hugs, he went back to conquering the tide-pool world :) sweet!



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