Monday, April 15, 2013

//Thoughts on Today//

As I have gotten older and since I become a mother, the world has decreased in size.  At least that is how it has become to me.  Small and connected- each person joined through this web of shared experience.  I read the news and cannot disconnect, because as I get older I realize it can happen to anyone.  I feel protected and secure; I am not anxious.  Yet, I experience a passion, or an intense sense of compassion towards others.  

It's days like today, as I read that an eight year old passed away in the Boston attacks, that I am reminded of a parent's love.  I am a parent.  This child has a parent.    It seems so senseless, as is all unexpected death.  I am left without the words to explain, yet I feel silly at how connected I feel to this event.  I have no family there, nor do I know any of the injured.  But the loss of life, the precious gift that has been bestowed upon us all, leaves me unable to look away.  

Being a mother changes everything.  You look at everything differently.  It is all fullness, yet you cannot hide from the sorrow.  I feel such sorrow for those affected today, but I know that same sorrow will make way for strength.  

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. It's sad and very hard to not put your self in the shoes of people there, especially the parents.
      I just try not to get too obsessed with the "what ifs"...I'd probably be a recluse real quick.

  2. So true. I cannot even imagine...



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