Friday, April 26, 2013

//Our Walk//

We live a few blocks from the ocean.  And not just any ocean, but the Pacific Ocean.  (pretty much my favorite ocean, although I still have not gotten used to the frigid year-round temperature.)  There is an area/road here called East Cliff, which is on- you guessed it- the east side of town.  We live there.  There is a 2.5 mile loop we walk, which takes us along east cliff and right past world-famous Pleasure Point.  World famous for surfing.  (which we don't do at all.  total east-coasters still when it comes to surfing.) This is our walk.  It's the walk I took when I was pregnant with Elliot- where I learned to be a mother, while holding my first born close to my chest.  It's where I speed-walked as I attempted to coax Asher out of the womb.  It's where I kept my sanity when he was 5 days late.  This walk is ours.  So, today, when I suggested we make or walk and Jimmy agreed my heart was happy.  Excited.  These pictures are from today's walk. <3

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