Monday, April 1, 2013


We went to San Diego this Easter weekend.  Jimmy was playing a show with our good friend Benjamin Dunn.  I've talked about his band Benjamin Dunn and the Animal Orchestra before.  They were opening for Jon Foreman of Switchfoot, which was a huge honor.  We left at four in the morning on Saturday and did not arrive until 215.  We should have gotten there around 11, so yeah- traffic was terrible!  However, I've learned my kids are excellent road trippers.  I'm very excited about this because Jimmy and I love road trips!

Well, the trip back was not as easy.  We were all exhausted and traffic was unbearable, so we made the choice to stop in Santa Barbara for the night.  I'm so happy we did, because our short trip turned into a little fun mini-vaca for us.  The kids are a little sick, though- so we have been resting mostly.  But for anyone who knows Elliot that only means normal kid activity.  (I'm sitting in Peets writing this and watching Jim with the kids through the window.  Elliot just had a major fall and the people around me all gasped.  I knew he was fine and sure enough he got up with a smile.  haha- i love my kid!)

Well, here are some Easter weekend pictures!  It has been a great holiday. :)

These leggings are from Mason and the Tambourine and are absolutely amazing!  I think Elliot looks like a total rockstar in them.  ;)  

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