Monday, April 29, 2013

//Almost Two//

Elliot loves animals.  All types of animals, although I would say he has a preference for dogs, birds and cats.  But honestly, that's what he sees the most right?  It makes perfect sense why those would be his favorites.  

I've been taking him to see our neighbor's chickens.  I think chickens are making there way up the list.  He squeals with excitement as I say, "Elliot, would you like to see the chickens?"  He runs or does the "toddler bounce" as I call it.  I say, "Wait for me, Elliot!"  He knows the way and I follow him.  Confidently, he will pick up a piece of grass and attempt to feed the chickens.  He does not startle as they peck at the grass, and I see his fine motor skills developing as he easily threads the tiny straw of grass through the holes in the fence.  He is growing up.

In eight days he will be two.  My baby will be two.  My first born was born two whole years ago and it seems like yesterday.  It definitely seems like yesterday because I can still remember how he felt as a newborn.  How I felt as a new mother.  I am still a new mother because I am still learning.  

Elliot, my almost two year old:

loves animals of all kinds
throwing rocks
blue's clues
yo gabba gabba
trucks although we prefer motorcycles, much to his dad's excitement
uncle Benjamin's song "When We Were Young"
playing air drums
flushing the toilet
high fives 
his best bud Dominic
his favorite "big kid" friend Rowan

and his Daddy, Mommy and little brother Asher.

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  1. The picture of Elliot playing in the soil is so beautiful - adorable curls and little dirty feet!

    My son will be two in 11 days. "I am still a new mother because I am still learning." So true for me as well. That is an important sentiment to remember as we navigate new toddler waters. :)

    1. aw you have an "almost two" as well! I feel like it went by so quickly!



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