Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My Boys Will Know

Recently, I posted a status on facebook where I highlighted some of my past struggles.  It was National Eating Disorder Awareness Week and I wanted to be transparent, so that possibly some good could come of it.  I was blown away by the responses.  Especially how many people from my high school liked the comment!  I had a smaller HS and everyone knew each other.  People knew what I was going through, but I was so oblivious.  Stuck in the throws of my disease, so it was so interesting to see how many of them responded to my post.  It felt good. :)

I thought about writing about my struggle and how it has affected my parenting.  Lately, I've been thinking about how important it is for me to be in recovery.  However, I was so focused on the importance in relation to having a little girl one day.  But what about my little boys?  Is it important I am recovered for them as well?  I think so.

If I am content and comfortable in my body then they will learn to treat women as more than just a body.  They will be able to see beyond the purely physical and relate to a woman's overall beauty.  The beauty within and the beauty on the outside.  (face it- they cannot ignore the outward appearance, but they will be able to see more than just that. way more.)

I would never have labeled myself a feminist.  I am being honest in saying that.  But now, I realize, I cannot be anything but.  The degradation of women is still so rampant.  It's just coming at our society in different ways.  While women have way more opportunities,  there is still a message of inferiority waving it's message through the airways.  Popular music uses the language of power, convincing men that women are merely objects, waiting to be acted upon.  They are at the clubs for what else? Sex, of course.  And they are there for the pickings.  They are easy targets because, as all the popular men singers say:  They are just looking for love.

I realize now that my body image and the way I view myself is just as important for my boys as the girl I may have one day.  When I respect myself, I will teach my boys to respect women.  When they see their mother believe herself to be more than just a body, but a soul as well, then they will treat women with the honor they deserve.  It will be my greatest challenge and my pride to teach them this.  Elliot and Asher, I know you are going to be the men this world needs.

For whoever reads this:  Thank you for reading my vulnerable posts.  I want to be as real as I can and I want you all to see a bit of my reality and what really goes through my mind.  :)

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