Saturday, February 23, 2013


Elliot loves to draw.  He is an incredibly active child, but drawing really focuses him.  He takes it so seriously and it is so cute to watch!  He scrunches up his face and gets really close to the paper and sometimes, he makes one single line and then throws the crayon in the air.  It's as if he is saying, "Ah-ha!  Perfection!"  I love this kid- he is such a ham!

Well, he has figured out how to draw a circle.  He figured out straight lines a while ago, but now- circles are his obsession!  Here is a picture to prove it:

I think he looks like a mad scientist here, though.  It's as if he is madly attempting to figure out the perfect equation.  He's going to do great things, I'm sure of it!  So, Elliot, you keep drawing those circles!  Draw them over and over until the next thing!

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