Sunday, January 6, 2013

::The Story::

(So, my resolution to write every day is averaging at about every other day.  I'm satisfied with this.  I think that's life telling me that every other day is a "good compromise." ) 

I decided to name this blog Verse because of my love of literature.  For a while I was starting each blog with a quote and I'd like to get back to doing that again.  The Story is the most needed of all things that people have taken part in.  Since the moment people have begun to think, they have seen the story of their lives.  Every story is unique, yet it never stands alone. It's so easy to feel alone, especially as a mother.  It's so easy to feel as if your child is the only one who does the things they do- throws such crazy fits, doesn't talk yet, gets sick so often.  The story, whether real or "made up" brings us all together and we can finally realize we were never alone to begin with.  It just felt that way.

I write this from a place of experience.  It's so easy to write this right now.  I have a clear head and I can believe the words I write.  I am not alone.  But you know what?  It's not always so easy when you are going through it.  This is why the story is so important.  Why we need to write down what we go through so that others may read it.  I can imagine this world being united, rather than divided over silly stuff.  

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