Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Big "Little Things" in Life

Parenting turns all the "little things" into "big things."  I get so excited over things I never even thought of before I became a parent.  For example, tummy time.  When Elliot was little (littler) I remember telling a friend about how good he was doing on tummy time.  Instantly, she began to laugh.  She reminded me of how funny the words "tummy time" were and how much of a mother I had become.  Seriously, I was using the words "tummy time" in my everyday conversation!  

But to me, tummy time was this new uncharted territory.  It wasn't just cute.  No, the doctors said it was absolutely necessary for development.  That is a perfect example of the little things becoming the big things.  At times I just have to stop and laugh at myself.  Especially when I hear all the funny language I now use.  Baby talk and the crazy things us parents will do to make our kids stop fussing.  Oh, the parent life.  Where everything is upside down and one moment you can feel on top of the world and ready to drop from exhaustion the next.  Literally, the highs and lows are all within five minutes of each other, but somehow the highs always wind up outweighing the lows.  

Today, Asher has been rolling over non-stop.  If I put him down on his blanket, he instantly begins to roll over.  He's doing it more now, but has been rolling over since three months.  Apparently, I make active boys.  They prefer to be in motion!  

Elliot is starting to talk a little more.  And when I say little, I mean little.  His "this" has become a lot more clear.  He is definitely saying "this."  And his "dad" and "da-da" are becoming more clearly directed at Jimmy.  Pray and send positive thoughts his way because he's almost two and he barely talks!  He says "ball" as well, but not very clear.  He "talks" so much and communicates so much for not really speaking, but still, we want him to start actually forming those words!  It has been a source of stress for Jimmy and I.  Sure, whatever happens we can handle it.  But we don't want to have to "handle it."  I just want to see my little man talk and hear his cute little "speaking" voice.  I taught him more sign language, so that helps.  I try and keep him accountable to using that, because if he whines I can't really say "use your words."  But I can encourage him to sign "mama" and "daddy" to get our attention.  He is such an exceptional little boy- my heart is so full having him as a son!

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