Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Photography Progress

I shot a bunch of pictures of manual today and you know what?  They don't totally suck.  I call that progress! I am very interested in photography and have been giving the whole "practice makes perfect" motto a try.  I take thousands of horrible photos, but sometimes I get a couple that surprise me.

Today, Asher was happy as a clam in his chair and Elliot had a ponytail.  You read that right.  A ponytail.  I tried to do a bun, but his hair is a little short for that.  Jimmy and I decided we do not want to cut his hair, but it tends to want to cover his eyes.  So, until it's long enough to hang down to the side, we use product and now, maybe a ponytail? He's such a boy, so he definitely looks like a boy with a hair tie.  He is so cool.

Here are the photos.  Let me know what you think!

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