Friday, January 25, 2013

If We Were Really Honest

Honesty.  I have a hard time being honest.  You know, when people ask "how are you?"  And you had an absolutely terrible day, but they just seem so happy.  They are smiling.  So you smile and say, "I'm great, how are you?"  I have such a hard time being honest about hard times.  I wish I didn't, but I'm working on it.

It's the act of being honest and hoping for the right response. There is a huge investment in being honest, because the more you let people into your inner dwelling- the place where reality meets the fan and you think things you would never actually say, the more chances people may misunderstand you.

How intense does this all sound!  I really do not have any big thing to reveal, but I am preparing myself to share my heart in a way that may help others.  I love when people, taking their chances, reveal more than casual conversation with me, and instead, actually answer my question.  "How are you?"  "How am I?  Well, let me tell you."  When we reveal ourselves our struggles become less huge.  These struggles are everywhere and if we are honest, we can begin to see past the struggle.

Jimmy and I were real with each other recently.  We were so honest that it has forged us forward- further than we have ever been before.  And it's so bright here- so incredibly bright that our relationship seems so different than just the day before.  I see more and before the light I thought those hills were mountains.  And I thought they were too damn big to climb, but now that this light is shining I can see they were always just hills.  These teeny tiny hills.

Now for some fun, lighthearted pictures. ;)

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