Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Around The Corner

I live in one of the most beautiful places and sometimes I forget that.  How do I forget that? You would think that such beauty would be absolutely impossible to forget, yet I do.  This morning, however, I was so aware of how satisfying it is to live in a place like SC.  California is a magical land.

We went to our favorite place: Verve.  There are a million reasons why I love this place.  I will name two: Coffee perfection and lovely people.  I got Elliot this delicious berry muffin and he pretty much scarfed it down.  It's a trick I have to keep him in one place: good eats!  He will give up his fidgety ways for a little while! ha!

Then, my husband had to make a quick phone call.  He pulled down one of the side streets near our place.  (we live a couple blocks from the ocean.)  There was this perfect little bench and not a single person around.  The ocean was crashing up against the rocks and the serenity was exactly what my soul needed to remember.  To remember that beauty is healing and beauty is everywhere: whether you live in a beautiful place or a place you are used to.

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