Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Similarities and Differences

Ah, the differences between my boys.  It's interesting to see their similarities, but boy are they different! Asher is such a cuddlebug, and while I enjoy this, it does get difficult.  I have a very active toddler and he needs my attention, as well as housework, cooking dinner, etc.  I do love the cuddles though.  Asher does whine a lot, but the second I pick him up- instant peace.  It's as if he was never fussy!  It makes me laugh.

Well, I've been researching and I really want to get this for Asher.  I bought a chair for him and he hates it.  I borrowed a swing from a friend and it's not his cup of tea.  But this?  The mamaroo would be perfect because it actually does the motions that are similar to when he is held.  Plus, it has an ipod hookup!  I found it on craigslist for less (it's like 240 brand new!) so, hopefully I can afford it before he doesn't need it anymore.  Now, that would be a Christmas miracle!

Here are two pictures of my boys.  The one of Elliot is when he was the same age as Asher currently is.  Fun to see the comparisons.

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  1. you can totally see that they are brothers but one is more you and one is more jimmy. i love this! side note: that mamaroo thing sounds amazing! lemme know if you get it and if you love it! xo



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