Monday, November 12, 2012

The Undistracted Artist

If you know my son, Elliot, then you know he never stops moving.  This is not a figure of speech or a funny way to describe the toddler phase.  He, literally, never stops moving.  He is a constant force of energy and moves from one exciting thing to the next.  So, I was pleasantly surprised to find that there is one thing that can keep his attention for more than five minutes.  In fact, it can keep his attention for up to 45 minutes!  Pure bliss for this Mom!  This thing is art.  It should not surprise me, since art is in his blood.   His Grammie Aceino is an art teacher and his dad is an incredibly artist.  I think he will take after them.  

I gave him my sketchbook to use and these are some of his creations, below.  Interesting find is that he has not colored on the few sketches I have in the book.  It's as if he understands the sacred space of personal art.  However, he has not learned that you do not draw on the walls.  


  1. His use of various colors is stellar! The green and yellow?? It's a flower obviously!

  2. i love him. these are so great!



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