Thursday, November 8, 2012

Oh, Politics

After this election, I am even more certain of how I want to raise my boys.  We are Christians, and all too often this comes with certain predicable political behavior.  You know, the whole "we love everyone except gays, pro-choice-ers, and democrats.  Especially, democrats."  I hear they "love the sinner, but hate the sin." I will not teach my boys this saying.  It's unnecessary and only furthers the divide.  I want to raise my boys to not have fear of others, especially those who may have differing opinions.  Instead of the previously stated, I would instead like to teach them to say, "I love all people."   

I am so grateful to God that I even became a Christian.  I did not have many, if any, good experiences with Christianity.  In fact, one of the only Christians I really looked up to I was told of their bad behavior, as if this behavior condemned them both as a Christian and as a person.  Sometimes, I cry tears of relief that I get to raise my sons with the true Gospel- that they are free and can be without fear. That they can love others without a fear of their behaviors.  I can tell them that's God's grace is so big, bigger than they can imagine, and that they should always hold out for this perfect grace.  Because it is always present, offering to close the divide, join the hands of those who would otherwise never know the Truth.

The story is simple.  Extravagant, but simple.  It is full of contradictions- getting what you feel you do not deserve, seeing others through a perfect-lens, and meeting a God you thought was angry, but instead, finding out it was the messenger who was angry.  He really isn't like that.  It's the story that still gives you the chills years after you read it.  The blooming joy that keeps blooming until there is a garden of joys.  It's story is your favorite book because it surprised you and told the story of good vs. evil in a way that gave no foot to the bad, because it's existence is fleeting, not of the reality we know.

This post started with politics because politics expose our heart- they show how we really feel.  They show the world our interpretation of the Story.

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