Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Modelin' Minnetonkas

I am such a mom.  Yesterday, I went to Jelly Beanz, our local children's thrift store, in search of rain boots for Elliot.  I came out with something even better.  Minnetonkas!  In case you are wondering what those are- they are moccasins and I have been wanting to get Elliot a pair forever!  They are anywhere from 30-40 bucks, which is pretty inexpensive, but too much for us at the moment.  They were only 12 bucks!  I came back to the car, where my husband and the kids were waiting and exclaimed, "Guess what I got?"  My husband looked up with full expectation and I said, "Minnetonkas!"  He laughed.  Like I said, I am such a mom.

Here is our little man modeling his awesome shoes.
He has such a "boy band" pose here.  Actually, he is holding his head to say "boo boo" because he banged his head on the wall.  haha.  Only Elliot.

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