Monday, October 8, 2012

Sleeping Children in a Studio

We are in a hard place. When you are in a hard place, everyone tells you to "count your blessings." They tell you things like "plenty of people in Japan live like this. They have 3 children and they live in a studio." And then they laugh. They always laugh. I laugh too, but it is more of a crazy laugh. I want to say, "you are right. Would you like to live in my studio and take care of my 2 kids?" But I don't, because I really do believe in positivity and I really do believe it will get better. Sometimes I think "if just one more thing happens..." but then, I think about my dreams. And I look at my son as he's snuggled close in his sling and I watch my toddler making funny noises and smiling so big! His smiles are huge and contagious. It's then I realize that my happiness is not controlled by this "one more thing." one more thing will not break me. One more thing can be overtaken by the one constant- the love of my family and the joy of this life.

Here are my babies. They are sleeping and I am happy and resting.

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