Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Beginning: Asher's Story

He has arrived.  Asher Lewis Aceino.  9 lbs 8.5 oz of glorious baby.  His first breath was on August 22, 2012 and he is perfect.  I would love to share his birth story.  His arrival was fast and furious, as I call it, yet I have an abundance to say on the subject.  I do not believe that will ever change, nor will his story ever stop growing- new words being added, new characters introduced and new life celebrated.

Friday, August 17th was my due date.  He did not make his entrance that day, nor the next or the day after that.  He stayed happily inside my belly.  Truthfully, I was discouraged.   Yet, I began to feel a peace that was not there before.  I was so impatient before, which I don't think was necessarily bad, yet I asked God to let the impatience stay if it was what he wanted, or to help my peace within any situation grow, so that I was able to just rest and enjoy the time before his arrival.  He did just that.

On Monday night Jimmy's parents made their arrival.  They scheduled their trip for the 20th, trusting that I would probably have had the baby by then.  Even though this did not happen, it was so nice for them to see me this pregnant.  They were not able to with Elliot and this assured they would actually see the birth.  Or at least probably, because it was possible I would go late- so late that they could leave without me giving birth.  I was sad about this, so I just kept hoping and speaking positively.  They would see the baby.  Sure enough, I got to spend all day Tuesday with them, and at 12:13 in the morning on Wednesday, August 22nd, I went into labor.  It came on so quickly!  By 12:30 my contractions were two minutes apart!  I had some bleeding and I just knew: I had to get to the hospital!  My birth was quick last time and this time, it would probably be even quicker!

Jimmy's parents were able to drive over.  This was so helpful for us!  Elliot was able to stay sleeping, which as any parent of a toddler knows, is extremely important!  I arrived at the hospital at around 140 am.  Here is where it got rough.  I was in so much pain!  With Elliot, my first, I was able to bear most of the pain with grace.  I never raised my voice.  Even though I refused drugs, I still was able to stay calm.  With Asher, I think I sounded a bit cavewoman-ish.  It honestly helped, although the best thing next to drugs for me was the huge jacuzzi bath.  I labored in that for about an hour and when I got out, I was about 7-8 cm dilated!  (When I got there I was 6 cm)

Side note:  I remembered my nurse from last time.  This was not good.  With Elliot, as a lot of you know, he had a severe infection, and we had to stay in the hospital for 5 days.  On the last day they took his blood so that they could determine if his levels were low enough to go home.  This nurse had taken his blood and she took over an hour to draw the blood with MANY foot pricks.  Elliot was crying.  I was crying.  It was not a pretty sight!  So, needless to say, I was a little nervous.  It was just a bad memory and I was now, in so much pain, and I would have rather had anyone else.  But, of course, she was wonderful with me.  Very helpful and full of great suggestions.  Thank goodness for that!

Okay.  So, I am out of the jacuzzi.  This was my own choice, as the nurse said I could stay in the tub if I wanted.  I thought about it, but decided I wanted to get checked.  So, they were about to check me and I'm laying on the hospital bed.  I was about the same, maybe a little more.  She concluded about 9 cm.  This meant it was time for the doctor to arrive.  (none of my midwives were on call.  that was sad, but okay.)  They told me she was almost there, so I just laid there- going through all my painful, relentless contractions.  Then, all of a sudden, I was pushing uncontrollably.  I couldn't stop!  I had tears, crying- "I can't control it!"  They told me to keep pushing and all of a sudden all the nurses appeared.  Then the DR.  They set up quickly, let me tell you.  haha.

The DR told me that she could see Asher's head!  That pre-DR being there pushing really helped.  I asked to feel the head, but she said I couldn't just yet.  For some reason that discouraged me, even though I had only been pushing for about five minutes.  I kept pushing and pushing, although my contractions were not as close together, so I had to wait for each contraction.  It gave me a break to recoup, which was nice.  :)  The DR then said, if I wanted to, I could feel his head.  This was great- he was almost here!

Then, out he came.  I heard the DR saying, "He's a big baby!"  I knew he was big when I still had to push, even with the head and shoulders being out.  At that point, Elliot had just slipped out.  Not Asher.   Not my big baby. He came out and was instantly placed into my arms, and he began to cry.  I could see right away that he was comforted by my presence and I, too, felt comfort in his.  I remember continuously saying, "he's so beautiful."  It's funny how the second time around, I knew what to expect and this made it almost more emotional.  I knew the love I had for my first son and I knew that instant bonding was about to happen a second time.  It was beautiful.  I was in love.  Instantly.

Here he is.  In all 9 lb 8 oz of his baby chub glory!

He is just huge all around.  over 90th percentile for everything.  I knew he was going to be big, but that big?  It was  a surprise.  And considering his fast and furious birth, I was lucky it was only 4 hours long!  Thank you, Jesus. :)  I will write more soon- my little munchkins are calling me!

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  1. you're my hero. He's so adorable! Love you new blog!



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