Monday, August 13, 2012


"The beginning is the most important part of the work."
PLATO, The Republic

I came across this quote and knew it would begin my blog well.  As a writer, I carefully note the beginning of other writings.  I always wonder at their choice or how long it took them to figure out how to start.  The beginning of any piece of literature is important, and most people will figure out the level of their interest based on how captivating are those first words.  I have to admit, I took a while to figure out how to "start" this blog.  Would I start it as if I have been writing in it already- you know, without a corny introduction or a lengthy biography of my life so far?  Or would I introduce myself, as if I was applying for a job, hoping for approval?  I think I'll just start.  I'll just begin.  I think that is how every writer begins.  They just do.

So, let's put aside the serious tone now, since we have decided.  I am a newly married mother.  In this day those two words don't always go together, and for good reason, because it's fun to have a few years to yourselves and enjoy the married life.  However, that did not happen for us.  Spontaneity is a love of ours.  We got pregnant two weeks in, and had a three month old on our first anniversary.  Then, six months later, the stork hit again!  We were pregnant again and destined to have two little boys, both 15 months apart.  Talk about a crazy life!  Elliot is our older guy, and Asher will be born any day now!  (due in 4 days!)  I have always been a lover of literature, and I feel like my story has become one of those unbelievable ones.  The ones where you say, "Wait, how realistic could this be?  This, for sure, could not all happen to one family."  Oh boy, does it ever!  Life has been challenging and sometimes we feel like taking a time out, but unfortunately, as we all find out, there are simply no time outs!  Time does not stop, but it can be a friend.  Like those two hour-each naps my son still takes and writing this blog while I hear the gently eb and flow of my son's noise machine.  It makes the sound of the waves.  

My husband is a great man and without him, well, I'd still be in a lesser place.  I almost just wrote he "works hard" and I realize how often that's the first thing we write about our husbands.  How we help perpetuate that as the most important aspect of his identity, when in reality, I think the best things about my husband is his ability to imagine and dream, to yes, I'm going to say it, play hard.  To rest hard.  Because even in our hard work, we should have rest.  We should be able to play and create and imagine.  We have been learning this in a greater way.  It's the greatest trait we can have when things become very difficult.  

This is my first entry.  My beginning. I'm going to leave you with a few pictures of my life.  I don't want you all to have to imagine that, sometimes pictures are needed with the words!

These are my men.  Relaxing.  Reading their books.

My love and I.

You know, just hanging out in our backyard.  With friends.  The very best.

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