Monday, December 8, 2014

// M o o n r i s e c r e e k : S k i n C a r e R o u t i n e //

 Taking care of my skin has always been very important to me.  I don't like to wear foundation or concealer and taking care of my skin makes that a lot easier.  I love the natural look of my face; the freckles and all.  Yet, for a small while my face began to break out a little.  It was getting a bit dry and I wasn't sure why.  I began to search for a skin care routine that would work for me.  I wanted it to be simple, but affective.  

I found Moonrise Creek because I had already become friends with it's owner, Lauren.  Purchasing the skin care products was an easy decision: Lauren and her company were everything I'd want to support.  Natural, earth-friendly, homemade, etc: And most of all, Lauren is an absolute sweetheart!  She's a strong, talented woman:  a truly kind and loving soul.  Her generosity and kindness shines and inspires.  I adore her, can you tell?

I use three products on my skin every day.  I cleanse my face with the Traditional Cleansing Grains and then I follow that with the Soft Rose Face Astringent.  (It's so refreshing!)  And to finish I moisturize with the Moisturizing Face Cream.  This face cream is pure magic:  The end result is **GLOWING** and I would never put any foundation over it.  I hope this doesn't sound silly!  But- I believe true earth-honoring products have not only brightened my skin, but my spirit as well.  

If you are looking for skin products, I recommend you try these!  With all the money we spend on our beauty care, these products are fairly priced and all you need.  <3

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Friday, November 28, 2014

// new friends and a million photos //

I'm so glad I was finally able to edit and post these photos!  We had such an incredible time with Riki, Brooke and their families.  Brooke and I were both apart of The Sling Diaries together and I met Riki through the Sakura Bloom community as well.  We actually hadn't met in person before this, but I felt like we were all instant friends.  Bea definitely made my baby fever a whole lot worse!  She's the sweetest.  Anyways, here's a million photos- enjoy! ;) 

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Friday, November 14, 2014

// s n o w y m o r n i n g //

We got snow last night!  Elliot was up with the sunrise and I took him out for a little before Asher woke up.  It was bitterly cold; we shivered and could hardly move.  Yet, Elliot had a huge smile on his face and kept squealing "mama, snow! snow! snow!"  I can really feel that this winter will be so much more positive than any other we've experienced.  I'm excited to look at it through Elliot and Asher's eyes. <3

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