Saturday, October 17, 2015

// Autumn, Apples and Acorns: A shoot with EGG //

Oh, Autumn.  Is there anything better than the crisp mornings that turn into warm, comfortable afternoons.  When the leaves dance in whirlwinds above your head and apples are in your basket.  In Autumn, there are birds passing through and squirrels scurry around the yard storing acorns in the ground.  

I'm not sure there is anything better than watching the boys enjoy the fall.  One of our favorite places to explore is Wallisch Homestead.  With wide open spaces and buildings that have been standing for about 200 years it's a great place to bring the boys.  It's part of our town's history and I love that the boy's get to experience that even if they spend most of their time chasing each other.  ;)

Have I mentioned I love Autumn?  
Oh, and sweaters.  Glorious, comfy sweaters and corduroy pants.  Flannel camp button ups and colors that match our surroundings.  

All of their outfits are by EGG by Susan Lazar and I'm not sure fall clothes could be done better than by them.  They are comfortable, which is great for my active boys and oh so handsome on them.  I almost couldn't handle it!  I may have squealed with delight every few minutes or so exclaiming, "They are just too cute!"

But moms are allowed to do that right? xx

Shoes are made by the magical sister-duo at Zimmerman Shoes 

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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

// Where We Wander: Tranquility Ridge //

"Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of the earth are never alone or weary of life."
(Rachel Carson) 

Have you ever taken one of those personality tests?  Your results are letters and you're always like, "oh my goodness!  That's so me!"  Well, whenever I take those personality tests I'm told that I scored 100% introvert.  And I am.  I know I am 100% introvert because I am not understand by many and I have nearly complete breakdowns after a week of zero alone time.  

I've noticed an interesting occurrence, though.  If I haven't had any moments of solitude lately and our family decides to go on one of our wanderings, even though I am around other humans the forest still fills up my solitude longing.  My kids could be screaming out their findings the whole way, but yet the stillness of the woods gives seems soothe me still.  I am thankful for the woods and their coverings.  I feel safe; unknown for a moment and the trees eyes don't cause me the exhaustion that a crowd tends to.  I am home, in a way.  

A blue feather stills us.  It's a feather, yet it's a treasure and my boy's recognize this phenomenon.  You see, it's not rarity that makes a thing a treasure; it's the value upon the heart.  Introverts know this intuitively, I believe. We are fashioned to find what other's overlook and I hope my kids don't find my introverted tendencies to be annoying as they get older, but they see the wisdom in the stopping.  

At times I think, "pinch me!"  I cannot believe my luck.  I have a family whose time together is so often spend exploring and looking for feathers, yellow leaves and rocks that sparkle.  I sparkle in my eyes when I thin of it and I'm just so happy!  xx

Asher's shoes are by Zimmerman Shoes 

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Thursday, September 17, 2015


"Every day is a god, each day is a god, and holiness holds forth in time. I worship each god, I praise each day splintered down and wrapped in time like a husk, a husk of many colors spreading, at dawn fast over the mountains split.

I wake in a god. I wake in arms holding my quilt, holding me as best they can inside my quilt."

Annie Dillard "Holy the Firm"

It's as if finding a fields are a treasure; golden, speckled with purples, yellows and green.  But golden!  With their dense coverings.  They surprise you easily.  We assume we can trample, but there are hidden waters, animal homes and reeds higher than us.  We walk through as visitors.  We greet the day in golden fields. Time moves slowly; birds fly swiftly.  

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