Thursday, May 21, 2015

// Green Crowns //

Green is my favorite color and when I saw Elliot sitting in a green sea I couldn't help but snap a few photos.  There is no real theme, besides how much I really love the color green and I adore this long haired boy.  Four years old has been all fireworks and energy; full of new words and emotions.  Green suits him really well. <3


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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

// Mossandmountain //

I'm not sure the exact moment I discovered Moss and Mountain, but thank goodness I did!  I mean, bell bottoms!  They make bell bottoms and subsequently made all my fashion dreams come true.  They recently released their "America drop" and my boys were happy to model some more bells!  (and rad shirts too)  

Seriously, it is such a pleasure to support such creative brands.  Natalie and Ashley inspire me: they have created a clothing line that says it's okay to have fun dressing our kids.  And that boys can rock bell bottoms too! <3 

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Thursday, May 14, 2015

// Spring! //

Oh, spring!  I've been anxiously awaiting spring.  It's felt like a dance and I've been switching partners.  One partner was gratitude for the present and holding hands with patience and the other had a bit of a quicker tempo and I was loudly singing "Oh, spring, where are you?!"  I may have shed a few tears as well.  It all sounds a bit dramatic, but this winter had a feeling of desperation I think.  At least here, in the northeast.  For a moment, I actually thought "Will warmer weather ever come?"  And that snowfall in late april had me close to running down the street yelling, "why?"
But here we are.  Playing outside in shorts and t-shirts; surrounded by all the shades of green I could ever wish for!  

I've always been an emotional person; I feel everything very strongly and am prone to a few ups and downs.  I remember being a child and having to fight my emotions even then.  I could sail through, full of happiness but then I would think of the universe and how big it was or how that kind-of, sort of friend moved and I might never see her again and I would feel overwhelmingly sad.  I know now that I am a highly sensitive person.  It's part of me and I learned how to work with it.  My safe place is nature.  Nature and literature (both together and I'm set) would balance me, center me and give me my inspiration back.  

I lost it a little as I got older.  I forgot what centered me and turned to so many other things.  But finding Jimmy and having children has brought me back to what I knew from the beginning.  It's been absolutely magical and I've rediscovered the seasons.  The seasons are not distinct from one another, but overlap and dance for a little until they meet again.  They are connected and in every season you see signs of another.  In the flowering bushes I can see a few leaves from last season, which will soon join the others in dropping to the ground.  The death and life move us forward and bring us back again.  It's ours to see and observe; to honor and participate.  I loved watching the trees burst into green, but back in march the boys and I uncovered a patch of dead leaves because we saw a hint of green.  It was still icy, but right there, in the midst of the cold we saw a sprout.  It was easy to pass by, but it was hope.  

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